These are the 10 Best Cideries in the United States

By The Net Worth

August,31, 2023

These cideries stand out for their dedication to quality, innovation, and preserving the rich tradition of cider-making while infusing it with their own unique twists.

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Situated in a picturesque setting, Big B's sources apples from local orchards to create ciders that showcase the unique terroir of Colorado. 

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Big B's Hard Cider (Hotchkiss, Colorado)


With a strong emphasis on heritage apple varieties, Dragon's Head crafts ciders that pay homage to the history of cider-making while incorporating a modern touch. 

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Dragon's Head Cider (Vashon Island, Washington) 


Using traditional French and English cider-making techniques, E.Z. Orchards focuses on producing ciders that capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest's apple-growing heritage 

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E.Z. Orchards Cidre (Salem, Oregon) 


Cider Corps is a veteran-owned cidery that has gained attention for its creative and well-crafted ciders. With a commitment to quality, they produce small batches using locally grown apples and experiment with various flavor profiles 

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Cider Corps (Mesa, Arizona) 


Tieton focuses on using handpicked apples from their own orchard to produce high-quality, artisanal ciders that showcase the natural flavors of the fruit. 

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Tieton Cider Works (Yakima, Washington) 


This cidery is praised for its innovative approach to cider, creating unique blends that incorporate unexpected ingredients, resulting in a modern and exciting cider lineup. 

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Citizen Cider (Burlington, Vermont) 


UrbanTree Cidery is known for its urban approach to crafting high-quality ciders. They prioritize using locally sourced apples and ingredients to create a diverse range of ciders, from classic to innovative flavors 

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UrbanTree Cidery (Atlanta, Georgia) 


Known for their commitment to organic farming and traditional cider-making methods, Finnriver produces a diverse selection of ciders using a variety of apple and fruit blends. 

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Finnriver Farm & Cidery (Chimacum, Washington) 


Inspired by European cider traditions, Austin Eastciders produces balanced and refreshing ciders, often experimenting with different apple varieties and infusions. 

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Austin Eastciders (Austin, Texas) 


One of the most recognizable cider brands, Angry Orchard offers a wide range of flavorful ciders, from crisp and dry to sweet and spiced. 

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Angry Orchard (Walden, New York)