Happy Labor Day 2023 


September 04, 2023

Labor Day Origin 

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In 1887, New York and Oregon were the first states to make a special day for workers. It became popular, and by 1894, 30 states had a day for workers.

Different Dates 

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In many countries, May 1st is a day for workers called International Labor Day. This idea started in America with a group called the American Federation of Labor.

Why May 1st? 

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In 1886, workers in Chicago wanted shorter work hours (8 hours instead of 16). They decided to strike on May 1, 1886, but it turned violent, and some people died. Four men were executed even though there was no proof they were guilty of murder.

International Workers Day 

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In 1889, a group of socialists said May 1st should be a day for workers around the world. Many countries now celebrate it, but not the United States because of concerns about communism during the Cold War.

Law Day 

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In the U.S., May 1st is not Labor Day. President Eisenhower made it Law Day, focused on government and laws.